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Columbus 151 Speedway Divisons

2013 Rules Download - 2013 Low Buck Hobby Stock Rules

Late Models
Late Models are the top division at Columbus 151 Speedway. These are fabricated from the ground up as race cars. Some of them use a stock front stub while others are completely fabricated. Rules are put in place in an attempt to control the cost of competition. The cars run with a minimum 105 inch wheelbase. Cars must have all the safety items of a modern race car including fuel cells. Engines are based off a stock production V-8 and must use a wet sump oiling system. No machining of the heads is allowed, intakes may either be iron or an unmodified aluminum intake a singleHolley 4412 carburetor is required. This engine configuration has proven economical to build, reliable to operate, and can provide up to 450 horsepower. All cars must weigh a minimum of 2,800 pounds after the race. These cars are the fastest cars to compete at the speedway on a regular basis.

Street Stocks
The Street Stock is a very popular intermediate level class, deigned to help drivers advance into the faster Late Models. The cars are based off a stock production frame and have a minimum wheelbase of 108 inches. All cars have been modified for driver protection (roll cage, racing seat and belts, fuel cell, etc.) The chassis is predominately stock, but the cars have weight jacks in the back and springs may be modified to help handling. The engines are basically stock, and there is a $750 claim rule on all engines.

Hobby Stocks
The Hobby Stock class is designed as an affordable entry level division, designed to help fans and crew members become race car drivers without spending a lot of money. This class allows for very few modifications and most of the changes made to the cars are for driver safety only. These cars must have a minimum 112 inches wheelbase and must weigh 3,500 pounds after each race. The engines are limited to 362 cubic inches displacement. All curs run on a 75 series stock passenger radial tire with a maximum size of P235. All ties are mounted on 7 inch wide rims. All competing cars are subject to a claim from the track of $1,500.

Back Up Cars
The Backup cars are a one race per night class that follows the regular program. The Backup cars are a one race per night class that follows the regular program recognition as the television program, Ripley's Believe It or Not, featured this class during one of it's programs this past year. While not the class to take to the track, they have proven to be one of the most exciting!

The Bandits, are the new, affordable, entry level class here at Columbus
151 Speedway. These are front wheel drive, four cylinder cars, with only
modifications made for safety. This is the perfect proving ground for the
beginning race car driver.

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Friday Night Racing
Gates Open 5:00PM • Qualifying 6:30PM • Racing 8:00PM
Late Models, Street Stocks, Hobby Stock, Back-up Cars, Bandits

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